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AI-powered Socrat is the perfect tool to engage your students in classroom discussion and learning. With our customizable topics and tailored learning experiences, students will be excited to learn and participate in classroom activities.

Our platform is easy to use and navigate, with transparent progress monitoring and age-appropriate content designed for K-12 students. Whether you’re looking to assign a Socratic dialogue, language learning activity, or personalized tutoring session, Socrat is capable of providing personalized learning experiences for all students.

Join the many teachers already revolutionizing their classrooms with Socrat’s help.

How It Works

Getting started with Socrat is easy! Here’s how it works:
With our transparent progress monitoring and user-friendly interface, teachers can be assured that their students are engaged and learning in a fun, interactive way.

Assignment Options

Socrat is ready to have all kinds of conversations with your students!
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Socratic Dialogues

Socrat is the perfect companion to engage your students in a Socratic dialogue. 

Assign a topic, provide background information, and have your students engage in a dialogue with Socrat about the topic. 

Socrat will guide the discussion, providing personalized feedback and support. 

Foster critical thinking and classroom discussion with Socrat.


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Role-Playing Activities

Socrat is capable of simulating real-world scenarios, and engaging in mock dialogues with students. 

Socrat allows language learners to practice their skills in a fun and engaging way. 

Whether you’re teaching Spanish, French, or any other language, Socrat can help your students improve their language skills. 

Make language learning fun with Socrat.


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Study Buddy

Socrat is the perfect tool for personalized studying sessions.

Students can study one-on-one with Socrat, focusing on the areas they need the most help with. 

Socrat will evaluate the student’s current understanding and help guide their learning further.

Whether you’re teaching math, science, or any other subject, Socrat can help your students succeed.


Character Exchanges Icons 4 (1)
Character Exchanges

Socrat can transport students to different time periods and literary worlds by simulating conversations with historical and literary characters.

Students can engage in interactive chats with characters such as Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennet, or even historical figures like Abraham Lincoln.

This feature helps students understand characters’ motivations and perspectives, as well as develop their creativity and writing skills.


Debate-a-Bot Icons 5

Socrat can engage in debates with your students! After students articulate their viewpoint on a topic, Socrat can challenge their arguments and lead a lively debate.

This feature helps students develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills, while also learning to defend their positions.

Encourage healthy debates in your classroom with Socrat’s Debate-a-bot.


Coming Soon Icons 6 Socrat
Coming Soon

Socrat is just getting started and we’re excited to be releasing new assignment types and features in the next few months as we incorporate the latest developments in artificial intelligence!