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How It Works

Getting started with Socrat is easy! Here’s how it works:

Assignment Options

Choose from among our custom and pre-made assignments!


A Socrat plan includes the following advanced features:

Robust Tool Library

Socrat incorporates the latest AI models to bring you an ever-growing library of tools, including Socratic dialogues, language learning activities, and personalized studying sessions, designed for teachers and students. These options include pre-made templates by our staff and fully customizable tool offerings!


Built-In Memory

Socrat has a built-in and customizable memory feature, allowing for the interface to use relevant information from previous conversations and student/teacher background information to maximize convenience and personalize learning by catering conversations to student interests.


Customizable Topics

Socrat is easily personalizable to suit the individual needs of teachers and students. With a simple form-fill entry, users can change topic, subject matter, assignment description, focus points, and much more to elevate learning potential.


Socrat Play

With Socrat Play, students can engage with Socrat within the classroom! Without the need for their own account, students simply type in a display name and assigned code, and they will be directed to the Socrat learning interface immediately, all while teachers monitor progress and guide student learning.


Teacher Monitoring

With Socrat, teachers have the flexibility to manage student groups, monitor live student progress and Socrat conversations, and adjust assignments and student instruction to ensure a smooth and safe educational experience.


Socrat Collab

*NEW*: Socrat Collab allows teachers to create and monitor small group and whole class discussions and activities. Teachers will see a real-time report of student activity and helpful summaries of each group's output. Our AI summarization tool then synopsizes student work for easy grading.


Grade School to Grad School

Socrat provides age-appropriate content that is designed for students based on grade level and subject area. Whether you’re teaching elementary school or graduate school, Socrat’s content is tailored to the needs of your students.


User Friendly Interface

Socrat is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for teachers and students to navigate. Students can access their assignments from any device with an internet connection, making learning accessible from anywhere.


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