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Assignment Types

Socratic Dialogue

Socratic Dialogue is a technique that involves the use of thought-provoking questions to guide students to deepen and articulate their understanding on an assigned topic.


With Debate-a-bot, you can input a guiding question and Socrat will ask students to take a stance and argue the opposing point of view. This technique helps students strengthen their arguments.

Study Buddy

Study Buddy allows you to assign a topic that you want students to practice further. Socrat will provide students with detailed information and then ask them to articulate their understanding of the topic.

Language Partner

In Language Partner, you can designate a setting for the conversation and the specific vocabulary or grammar structures that students should use. Socrat will then play an assigned role to help students practice those skills.

Character Exchange

In Character Exchange, you can choose from a list of historical or literary figures and designate a topic for students to converse with the figure about. This technique helps students learn about history and literature in an engaging way.

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