Assignment Templates

Below we have some assignments that can serve as starting points for you to assign your students!

TopicSubjectGrade LevelTypeContextInstructionsCopy
Brown V Board of EducationConstitutional LawLaw SchoolsocraticdialogFocus on the precedent it set for cases.Make sure to think about what each justice wrote.
Martin Luther King Jr.US Historyhigh schoolcharacterThe Selma to Montgomery MarchFocus on the reasons, planning, and attempts of the march
Should we get rid of the SAT?not subject specifichigh schooldebateFocus on arguments about whether or not the SAT is a fair measurement of college-readinessMake sure to articulate your points clearly
Should there be higher restrictions for teenagers on social media?not subject specifichigh schooldebateFocus on the effects of social media on teen mental healthMake sure the articulate your points clearly
Climate Changesciencemiddle schoolsocraticdialogFocus on causes of climate changeContinue talking until you feel comfortable with the topic
EnglishESOLhigh schoolroleplaySetting: Doctor\'s office | BotRole: Healthcare provider | User Role: Patient | Vocab to Include: present perfect continuous tenseusing the present perfect continuous (e.g. I have been feeling), imagine you are describing a health issue to a nurse or doctor
James MadisonUS Historymiddle schoolcharacterThe Bill of RightsAsk at least 5 questions you have about the bill of rights, for the person who wrote them!
The First AmendmentCivicshigh schoolsocraticdialogFocus on the rights guaranteed to people by the first amendment to the US constitution and the ways these rights have been denied to certain groups throughout history.Keep talking until you feel comfortable explaining each of the 5 rights guaranteed by the first amendment

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